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Draft: Resolve "Refactoring the infrastructure"

Adam Fekete requested to merge 26-refactoring-the-infrastructure into develop

Closes #26

Update workflow:

  • using only a single staging branch with multiple dev merge requests
  • the main deployment happens based on versioned tags (support rollback when needed)
  • protect main and staging branches
  • plan how to test notebooks individually (binderhub)
  • plan how to update major packages (hackathons)
  • plan how to run notebooks anonymously (and safely)
  • make sure that "short-urls" still works
  • make sure that sensitive notebooks have not been shared publicly (Please note that analytics is a public repository)

Update Dockerfile:

  • Multi-stage build (builder, base, final)
  • predetermine common package requirements
  • cron job to rebuild image regularly
  • fine-tune header generation (using as a preprocess instead of running it at build time)
  • revisit example data storage (right now it is 3.1G) (#18)

Update CI/CD pipeline:

  • update jupyterhub's chart
  • To get rid of ananlytics-deployment dependencies.
    • Store all sensitive data in env variables
    • Move all deployment configurations here
  • having cleanup processes (images, environments)
  • using ingress controller

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