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title: "Prediction of topological quantum phase transitions"
logicalPath: "/data/shared/tutorialsNew/topological-quantum-phases/QSHI_trivial.bkr"
authors: ["Ahmetcik, Emre", "Ziletti, Angelo", "Ouyang, Runhai", "Ghiringhelli, Luca", "Scheffler, Matthias"]
authors: ["Mera Acosta, Carlos", "Ahmetcik, Emre", "Carbogno, Christian", "Ouyang, Runhai", "Fazzio, Adalberto", "Ghiringhelli, Luca", "Scheffler, Matthias"]
editLink: "/notebook-edit/data/shared/tutorialsNew/topological-quantum-phases/QSHI_trivial.bkr"
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username: "tutorialsNew"
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This tutorial shows how to find descriptive parameters (short formulas) for the prediction of
topological phase transitions. As an example, we address the topological classification of
two-dimensional functionalized honeycomb-lattice materials, which are formally described by
the $Z_2$ topological invariant, i.e., $Z_2=0$ for trivial (normal) insulators and $Z_2=1$ for two-dimensional
the Z2 topological invariant, i.e., Z2=0 for trivial (normal) insulators and Z2=1 for two-dimensional
topological insulators (quantum spin Hall insulators).
Using a recently developed machine learning based on compressed sensing, we then derive a map of
these materials, in which metals, trivial insulators, and quantum spin Hall insulators are separated
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