Commit b188d71e authored by Emre Ahmetik's avatar Emre Ahmetik
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Comment out importing importing read_gdb_7k

parent c4416c35
......@@ -394,7 +394,7 @@
"from IPython.core.display import HTML ",
"from nomad_sim.wrappers import get_json_list, calc_descriptor ",
"from nomad_sim.wrappers import calc_model, calc_embedding, plot",
"from nomad_sim.parsing_utils import #read_gdb_7k",
"#from nomad_sim.parsing_utils import read_gdb_7k",
"from nomad_sim.utils_crystals import create_supercell",
"from nomad_sim.utils_crystals import create_vacancies",
"from nomad_sim.utils_crystals import random_displace_atoms",
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