Commit e4576e41 authored by Peter Bell's avatar Peter Bell Committed by Martin Reinecke
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Export good_size using raw C-API

parent 8961a318
......@@ -372,10 +372,29 @@ py::array genuine_hartley(const py::array &in, const py::object &axes_,
out_, nthreads))
size_t good_size(size_t n, bool real)
// Export good_size in raw C-API to reduce overhead (~4x faster)
PyObject * good_size(PyObject * self, PyObject * args)
Py_ssize_t n_ = -1;
int real = false;
if (!PyArg_ParseTuple(args, "n|p:good_size", &n_, &real))
return nullptr;
if (n_<0)
PyErr_SetString(PyExc_ValueError, "Target length must be positive");
return nullptr;
if ((n_-1) > static_cast<Py_ssize_t>(std::numeric_limits<size_t>::max() / 11))
"Target length is too large to perform an FFT: %zi", n_);
return nullptr;
const auto n = static_cast<size_t>(n_);
using namespace pocketfft::detail;
return real ? util::good_size_real(n) : util::good_size_cmplx(n);
return PyLong_FromSize_t(
real ? util::good_size_real(n) : util::good_size_cmplx(n));
const char *pypocketfft_DS = R"""(Fast Fourier and Hartley transforms.
......@@ -702,5 +721,8 @@ PYBIND11_MODULE(pypocketfft, m)
"out"_a=None, "nthreads"_a=1);
m.def("dst", dst, dst_DS, "a"_a, "type"_a, "axes"_a=None, "inorm"_a=0,
"out"_a=None, "nthreads"_a=1);
m.def("good_size", good_size, good_size_DS, "n"_a, "real"_a=false);
static PyMethodDef good_size_meth[] =
{{"good_size", good_size, METH_VARARGS, good_size_DS}, {0}};
PyModule_AddFunctions(m.ptr(), good_size_meth);
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