Commit b86b4e86 authored by Peter Bell's avatar Peter Bell
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WIP: Add plan type to python interface

parent d1d1fa52
......@@ -38,6 +38,55 @@ using f64 = double;
using flong = ldbl_t;
auto None = py::none();
enum class transform_type : unsigned char
enum class data_type : unsigned char
flt, dbl, ldbl
struct plan
transform_type ttype_;
data_type dtype_;
shared_ptr<void> plan_;
template <typename T> struct type_enum;
template <> struct type_enum<float> :
integral_constant<data_type, data_type::flt> {};
template <> struct type_enum<double> :
integral_constant<data_type, data_type::dbl> {};
template <> struct type_enum<long double> :
integral_constant<data_type, data_type::ldbl> {};
template <typename T> struct plan_caster;
template <typename T> struct plan_caster<c2c_plan_t<T>>
static shared_ptr<c2c_plan_t<T>> cast (const plan &plan)
if (plan->ttype_ != transform_type::c2c)
throw invalid_argument("wrong type of plan");
if (plan->dtype_ != type_enum<T>::value)
throw invalid_argument("plan is for wrong dtype");
return reinterpret_pointer_cast<c2c_plan_t<T>>(plan->plan_);
template <typename T> plan_cast(const plan &plan)
return plan_caster<T>::cast(plan);
shape_t copy_shape(const py::array &arr)
shape_t res(size_t(arr.ndim()));
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