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Support for Parallel Studio 2019.5

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......@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ intel_parallel_studio = {
"mpcdf_intel_parallel_studio_2019_1": {"compiler": "intel_19_0_1", "impi": "impi_2019_1", "mkl": "mkl_2019_1-module", },
"mpcdf_intel_parallel_studio_2019_3": {"compiler": "intel_19_0_3", "impi": "impi_2019_3", "mkl": "mkl_2019_3-module", },
"mpcdf_intel_parallel_studio_2019_4": {"compiler": "intel_19_0_4", "impi": "impi_2019_4", "mkl": "mkl_2019_4-module", },
"mpcdf_intel_parallel_studio_2019_5": {"compiler": "intel_19_0_5", "impi": "impi_2019_5", "mkl": "mkl_2019_5-module", },
all_mkls = {ic["mkl"] for ic in intel_parallel_studio.values()}
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