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Tool to update the software:dist aggregate packages

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from __future__ import print_function
import os
import osc
import osc.conf
import osc.core
import osc.cmdln
import mpcdf_common
from osc.util.helper import decode_it
from xml.etree import ElementTree
def do_mpcdf_refresh_aggregates(self, subcmd, opts, *args):
"""${cmd_name}: Recreates the aggregate packages in software:dist
Use this only if you know what this means
osc ${cmd_name}
if len(args) != 0:
raise osc.oscerr.WrongArgs("Too many arguments")
if osc.core.store_read_project(os.curdir) != "software:dist" or \
raise osc.oscerr.WrongArgs("You must be in the project checkout of software:dist")
dist = osc.core.Project(".", False)
apiurl = self.get_api_url()
def refresh_aggregate(aggregatename, project, source, target):
if not os.path.exists(aggregatename):
package = osc.core.Package.init_package(apiurl, "software:dist", aggregatename, aggregatename)
package = dist.get_pacobj(aggregatename)
with open(aggregatename + "/_aggregate", "w") as fd:
print('<aggregatelist>', file=fd)
print(' <aggregate project="{project}">'.format(project=project), file=fd)
print(' <nosources/>', file=fd)
print(' <repository target="{target}" source="{source}" />'.format(target=target, source=source), file=fd)
print(' </aggregate>', file=fd)
print('</aggregatelist>', file=fd)
if package.status("_aggregate") == "?":
if package.status("_aggregate") in ("A", "M"):
dist.commit((aggregatename,), msg="Refresh aggregate", verbose=True)
pkg_meta = osc.core.show_package_meta(apiurl, "software:dist", aggregatename)
root = ElementTree.fromstringlist(pkg_meta)
pkg_meta = ElementTree.tostring(root, encoding=osc.core.ET_ENCODING)
build = root.find("./build")
if build is None:
build = ElementTree.SubElement(root, "build")
for enable in build.findall("./enable"):
node = ElementTree.Element("enable")
node.set("repository", target)
node.tail = "\n "
build.insert(0, node)
new_pkg_meta = ElementTree.tostring(root, encoding=osc.core.ET_ENCODING)
if pkg_meta != new_pkg_meta:
osc.core.edit_meta("pkg", ("software:dist", aggregatename),
projects = [p for p in osc.core.meta_get_project_list(apiurl)
if p.startswith("software") and not (p == "software:dist" or p == "software:images")]
macros = {}
for project in projects:
repos = osc.core.get_repositories_of_project(apiurl, project)
if project == "software":
# Stupid special case
target = "SLE_12_SP3-sandybridge"
target = project[len("software:"):].replace(":", "-")
macros[target] = []
for attribute in mpcdf_common.config_attributes + mpcdf_common.default_attributes:
_, name = attribute.split(":")
values = mpcdf_common.get_attribute_values(apiurl, project, None, attribute)
macros[target].append("%available_{0} {1}".format(name, ",".join(sorted(values))))
for repo in repos:
aggregatename = "zz_aggregate_" + project.replace(":", "-") + "_" + repo
refresh_aggregate(aggregatename, project, repo, target)
prjconf = list(map(decode_it, osc.core.show_project_conf(apiurl, "software:dist")))
start_marker = "# Autogenerated by osc mpcdf_refresh_aggregates, do not edit till end of section\n"
end_marker = "# End of autogenerated section\n"
start = prjconf.index(start_marker)
end = prjconf.index(end_marker)
except ValueError:
start = None
end = len(prjconf)
prjconf_head = "".join(prjconf[:start])
prjconf_tail = "".join(prjconf[end + 1:])
prjconf = [start_marker]
distributions = osc.core.get_repositories_of_project(apiurl, "distributions")
for swdistrepo in osc.core.get_repositories_of_project(apiurl, "software:dist"):
for distrepo in distributions:
if swdistrepo.startswith(distrepo):
refresh_aggregate("zz_aggregate_" + swdistrepo + "_distributions", "distributions", distrepo, swdistrepo)
distrepo = None
prjconf.append('%if "%_repository" == "{0}"'.format(swdistrepo))
prjconf.append("%distribution {0}".format(distrepo))
prjconf = prjconf_head + "\n".join(prjconf) + prjconf_tail
osc.core.edit_meta("prjconf", "software:dist", data=prjconf)
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