Commit d33d3969 authored by Sebastian Ohlmann's avatar Sebastian Ohlmann
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Add macro compiler_repository to have early access to compiler name

This can be used to disable multibuilds for certain compilers.
parent e7b235f5
......@@ -409,10 +409,12 @@ def mpcdf_setup_repositories(api_url, project, distribution=None, parent=None, p
repo("System", ("distributions", distribution))
for compiler in compilers + pgis:
repo(compiler, (project, "System"), compiler=True)
repo(compiler, (project, "System"), compiler=True,
for mpi in filter(partial(valid_mpi, compiler), mpis):
repo(mpi + "_" + compiler, (project, compiler), mpi=True, mpi_repository=mpi)
repo(mpi + "_" + compiler, (project, compiler), mpi=True,
mpi_repository=mpi, compiler_repository=compiler)
for cuda in cudas:
for compiler in filter(partial(valid_cuda, cuda), compilers):
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