Commit bcfe384a authored by Lorenz Hüdepohl's avatar Lorenz Hüdepohl
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Remove version suffix (_5_0, etc.) from openmpi flavor

This makes it easier in the spec files, e.g. in conditionals
parent c1ae3fff
......@@ -810,9 +810,10 @@ Macros:
dependencies = ((project, compiler),)
if not parent:
dependencies = openmpi_flavor_dependencies(of, distribution) + dependencies
flavor_kind = re.sub("(_[0-9]+)*$", "", of)
repo(mpi + "_" + compiler + "_" + of, dependencies, mpi=True,
mpi_repository=mpi, mpi_module=mpi_module(mpi),
for cuda in cudas:
for compiler in filter(partial(valid_cuda, cuda), compilers):
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