Commit 7f654d49 authored by Lorenz Hüdepohl's avatar Lorenz Hüdepohl
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Fix console messages of mpcdf_sync

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......@@ -886,10 +886,10 @@ def sync_projects(api_url, package=None, from_project="software", to_projects=No
enable_repos = get_attribute_values(api_url, from_project, orig_package, "MPCDF:enable_repositories")
if orig_package not in to_packages:
if len(enable_repos) == 0:
print("Not branching package {0}, is disabled".format(package))
print("Not branching package {0}, is disabled".format(orig_package))
elif enable_repos == ["system"]:
print("Not branching package {0}, is only enabled for 'system'".format(package))
print("Not branching package {0}, is only enabled for 'system'".format(orig_package))
filelist = osc.core.meta_get_filelist(api_url, from_project, orig_package)
if "_link" in filelist:
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