Commit 7832f271 authored by Lorenz Huedepohl's avatar Lorenz Huedepohl
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Better error messages for missing attributes

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......@@ -190,7 +190,9 @@ def mpcdf_enable_repositories(api_url, project, package, verbose=False, filter_r
return get_attribute_values(api_url, project, package, "MPCDF:" + attribute, with_project=with_project)
except UnsetAttributeException:
print("ERROR: Attribute MPCDF:" + attribute + " is not set, aborting here", file=sys.stderr)
print("ERROR: Attribute MPCDF:" + attribute + " is not set for "
+ ("package '{0}'".format(package) if package else "project '{0}'".format(project))
+ ", aborting here", file=sys.stderr)
raise SystemExit(1)
compilers = try_get_attribute(package, "compiler_modules", with_project=True)
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