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......@@ -32,14 +32,14 @@ def main():
with ift.random.Context(31):
p = ift.Plot()
n = 5
for _ in range(5): # FIXME: should this be 'range(n)'?
for _ in range(n):
pos = ift.from_random(sky.domain, 'normal')
ss = sky(pos)['hi']
mi, ma = 0, np.max(ss.val)
for ii in range(0, ss.shape[0], 4):
extr = ift.DomainTupleFieldInserter(ss.domain, 0, (ii,)).adjoint
p.add(extr(ss), zmin=mi, zmax=ma)
p.output(name=f'prior_samples.png', ny=n, xsize=28, ysize=9)
p.output(name='prior_samples.png', ny=n, xsize=28, ysize=9)
print('Start inf check')
for ii in range(20):
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