Commit 43b8a565 authored by Martin Reinecke's avatar Martin Reinecke
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add function GL_thetas()

parent 419e2736
......@@ -485,6 +485,15 @@ a_d_c GL_weights(int64_t nlat, int64_t nlon)
return res;
a_d_c GL_thetas(int64_t nlat)
a_d_c res(nlat);
auto rr=res.mutable_unchecked<1>();
vector<double> dummy_weights(nlat);
sharp_legendre_roots(nlat, &rr[0],;
return res;
a_d_c local_alm2map(const a_c_c &alm, int64_t lmax, int64_t mmax, int64_t nside)
auto ar=alm.unchecked<1>();
......@@ -699,5 +708,6 @@ PYBIND11_PLUGIN(pyHealpix)
m.def("vec2ang",&vec2ang, vec2ang_DS, "vec"_a);
m.def("v_angle",&local_v_angle, v_angle_DS, "v1"_a, "v2"_a);
m.def("GL_weights",&GL_weights, "nlat"_a, "nlon"_a);
m.def("GL_thetas",&GL_thetas, "nlat"_a);
return m.ptr();
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