Commit 9db2e777 authored by Simon Perkins's avatar Simon Perkins
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user_grid in ms2grid functions

parent e25b1855
......@@ -691,7 +691,8 @@ template<typename T> pyarr_c<T> vis2grid(const Baselines<T> &baselines,
template<typename T> pyarr_c<complex<T>> ms2grid_c(
const Baselines<T> &baselines, const GridderConfig<T> &gconf,
const pyarr_c<uint32_t> &idx_, const pyarr_c<complex<T>> &ms_)
const pyarr_c<uint32_t> &idx_, const pyarr_c<complex<T>> &ms_,
py::object user_grid)
auto nrows = baselines.Nrows();
auto nchan = baselines.Nchannels();
......@@ -701,8 +702,11 @@ template<typename T> pyarr_c<complex<T>> ms2grid_c(
auto ms =;
auto idx =;
bool have_user_grid = !;
size_t nu=gconf.Nu(), nv=gconf.Nv();
auto res = makeArray<complex<T>>({nu, nv});
auto res = have_user_grid ? user_grid.cast<pyarr_c<complex<T>>>()
: makeArray<complex<T>>({nu, nv});
auto grid = res.mutable_data();
py::gil_scoped_release release;
......@@ -740,8 +744,8 @@ template<typename T> pyarr_c<complex<T>> ms2grid_c(
template<typename T> pyarr_c<T> ms2grid(const Baselines<T> &baselines,
const GridderConfig<T> &gconf, const pyarr_c<uint32_t> &idx_,
const pyarr_c<complex<T>> &ms_)
{ return complex2hartley(ms2grid_c(baselines, gconf, idx_, ms_)); }
const pyarr_c<complex<T>> &ms_, py::object user_grid)
{ return complex2hartley(ms2grid_c(baselines, gconf, idx_, ms_, user_grid)); }
template<typename T> pyarr_c<complex<T>> grid2vis_c(const Baselines<T> &baselines,
const GridderConfig<T> &gconf, const pyarr_c<uint32_t> &idx_,
......@@ -1126,7 +1130,8 @@ PYBIND11_MODULE(nifty_gridder, m)
"wmin"_a=-1e30, "wmax"_a=1e30);
m.def("vis2grid",&vis2grid<double>, vis2grid_DS, "baselines"_a, "gconf"_a,
"idx"_a, "vis"_a, "user_grid"_a);
m.def("ms2grid",&ms2grid<double>, "baselines"_a, "gconf"_a, "idx"_a, "ms"_a);
m.def("ms2grid",&ms2grid<double>, "baselines"_a, "gconf"_a, "idx"_a,
"ms"_a, "user_grid"_a);
m.def("grid2vis",&grid2vis<double>, grid2vis_DS, "baselines"_a, "gconf"_a,
"idx"_a, "grid"_a);
m.def("grid2ms",&grid2ms<double>, "baselines"_a, "gconf"_a, "idx"_a,
......@@ -1134,7 +1139,7 @@ PYBIND11_MODULE(nifty_gridder, m)
m.def("vis2grid_c",&vis2grid_c<double>, "baselines"_a, "gconf"_a, "idx"_a,
"vis"_a, "user_grid"_a);
m.def("ms2grid_c",&ms2grid_c<double>, "baselines"_a, "gconf"_a, "idx"_a,
"ms"_a, "user_grid"_a);
m.def("grid2vis_c",&grid2vis_c<double>, "baselines"_a, "gconf"_a, "idx"_a,
m.def("grid2ms_c",&grid2ms_c<double>, "baselines"_a, "gconf"_a, "idx"_a,
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