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Restructure Docs

Vincent Eberle requested to merge fix_links_and_typos into NIFTy_8

Changes in Readme

I fixed some broken links, e.g.: the mpi4py link and one link the a code section on git were broken)

Changes in the generated docs

  • how to generate the docs was stated twice (user/installation and dev/index) and once the dependencies were incomplete
  • IMHO installation for developers should be part of dev-section (to keep it ease to find the installation guide I put in a link from installation to dec/index
  • plotting, mpi4py, etc are also used by non developers, so I moved the section to the user installation

Further suggestions

  • moving the section on installation of mpi4py and matplotlib in the README file as well
  • installation guide for astropy, h5py (or a link), in order to keep it the way we do it for other opt. dependencies
  • putting in or changing the developer section to the way most of us install nifty etc. (cloning repo, pip install --user -e .,) since also new group members use these instructions. (I think this would decrease some overhead)

@parras @mtr what do you think?

Edited by Philipp Arras

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