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Parametric MGVI

Philipp Arras requested to merge more_samplers into NIFTy_7
  • Add demos/ to CI
  • Refactor
  • Refactor ParametricGaussianKL, can some code be shared with MetricGaussianKL (note changes introduced by !626 (merged))?
  • Write consistency checks and tests for:
    • GaussianEntropy
    • LowerTriangularProjector
    • DiagonalSelector
    • Respacer
    • Multifield2Vector
  • Write tests for:
    • ADVIOptimizer
  • Resolve @mtr's point in MultiField2Vector, real check in GaussianEntropy.apply (@mtr)
  • Write documentation
    • More details for MeanFieldVI
    • More details for FullCovarianceCI
    • More details for ADVIOptimizer (@kjako)
  • Check all FIXMEs
    • Highlevel docu for new demo (see FIXME in file) (@kjako)
    • Docstring for MeanFieldVI
    • Docstring for FullCovarianceVI
    • Tweak in Docstring for GaussianEntropy, LowerTriangularInserter, DiagonalSelector, Multifield2Vector (@parras)
    • Metric for GaussianEntropy
  • (optional) Think about how to consistently integrate meanfield inference into visualized demo and do it (@pfrank)
  • Make samples in StochasticEnergyAdapter available (is ready but !643 (merged) needs to be merged)
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