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......@@ -22,6 +22,45 @@ from nifty.field import Field
class InvertibleOperatorMixin(object):
"""NIFTY to invert implicit defined operators.
To invert the application of a given implicitly defined operator on a field,
this class gives the necessary functionality. Inheriting functionality from
this class provides you with the inverse to the given implicitly definied
application of the operator on a field. (e.g. .inverse_times vs. .times
and .adjoint_times vs. .adjoint_inverse_times)
inverter : Minimization object
Defines the object how to minimize the functional
(default: ConjugateGradient)
preconditioner : LinearOperator
Preconditions the minimizaion problem
(further details see any good text book about conjugate gradient)
most promiment see PropagatorOperator class
See Also
EndomorphicOperator, ProjectionOperator,
DiagonalOperator, SmoothingOperator, ResponseOperator,
PropagatorOperator, ComposedOperator
def __init__(self, inverter=None, preconditioner=None, *args, **kwargs):
self.__preconditioner = preconditioner
if inverter is not None:
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