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......@@ -295,11 +295,59 @@ _kwargs = []
def plot(f, **kwargs):
"""Add a figure to the current list of plots.
After doing one or more calls `plot()`, one also needs to call
`plot_finish()` to output the result.
f: Field, or list of Field objects
If `f` is a single Field, it must live over a single `RGSpace`,
`PowerSpace`, `HPSpace`, `GLSPace`.
If it is a list, all list members must be Fields living over the same
one-dimensional `RGSpace` or `PowerSpace`.
Allowed key words:
title: string
title of the plot
xlabel: string
label for the x axis
ylabel: string
label for the y axis
[xyz]min, [xyz]max: float
limits for the values to plot
colormap: string
color map to use for the plot (if it is a 2D plot)
linewidth: float or list of floats
line width
label: string of list of strings
annotation string
alpha: float or list of floats
transparency value
def plot_finish(**kwargs):
"""Plot the accumulated list of figures
Allowed key words:
title: string
title of the full plot
nx, ny: integer (default: square root of the numer of plots in the list,
rounded up)
number of subplots to use in x- and y-direction
xsize, ysize: float (default: 6)
dimensions of the full plot in inches
name: string (default: "")
if left empty, the plot will be shown on the screen
otherwise it will be written to a file with the given name.
Supported extensions: .png and .pdf)
global _plots, _kwargs
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
nplot = len(_plots)
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