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replace np.float with np.floating in type check

`np.float` was deprecated in Numpy 1.20:
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......@@ -227,9 +227,9 @@ class _GeoMetricSampler:
# Check domain dtype
dts = H._prior._met._dtype
if isinstance(H.domain, DomainTuple):
real = np.issubdtype(dts, np.float)
real = np.issubdtype(dts, np.floating)
real = all([np.issubdtype(dts[kk], np.float) for kk in dts.keys()])
real = all([np.issubdtype(dts[kk], np.floating) for kk in dts.keys()])
if not real:
raise ValueError("_GeoMetricSampler only supports real valued latent DOFs.")
# /Check domain dtype
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