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PointSources -> InverseGammaModel

parent bb5c7a43
......@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ from .plotting.plot import plot, plot_finish
from .library.amplitude_model import make_amplitude_model
from .library.gaussian_energy import GaussianEnergy
from .library.los_response import LOSResponse
from .library.point_sources import PointSources
from .library.inverse_gamma_model import InverseGammaModel
from .library.poissonian_energy import PoissonianEnergy
from .library.wiener_filter_curvature import WienerFilterCurvature
from .library.correlated_fields import (make_correlated_field,
......@@ -30,28 +30,29 @@ from ..sugar import makeOp
from ..utilities import memo
class PointSources(Model):
def __init__(self, position, alpha, q):
super(PointSources, self).__init__(position)
class InverseGammaModel(Model):
def __init__(self, position, alpha, q, key):
super(InverseGammaModel, self).__init__(position)
self._alpha = alpha
self._q = q
self._key = key
def at(self, position):
return self.__class__(position, self._alpha, self._q)
return self.__class__(position, self._alpha, self._q, self._key)
def value(self):
points = self.position['points'].local_data
points = self.position[self._key].local_data
points = np.clip(points, None, 8.2)
points = Field.from_local_data(self.position['points'].domain, points)
points = Field.from_local_data(self.position[self._key].domain, points)
return self.IG(points, self._alpha, self._q)
def jacobian(self):
u = self.position['points'].local_data
u = self.position[self._key].local_data
inner = norm.pdf(u)
outer_inv = invgamma.pdf(invgamma.ppf(norm.cdf(u),
......@@ -60,11 +61,11 @@ class PointSources(Model):
outer_inv = np.clip(outer_inv, 1e-20, None)
outer = 1/outer_inv
grad = Field.from_local_data(self.position['points'].domain,
grad = Field.from_local_data(self.position[self._key].domain,
grad = makeOp(MultiField.from_dict({"points": grad},
grad = makeOp(MultiField.from_dict({self._key: grad},
return SelectionOperator(, 'points')*grad
return SelectionOperator(, self._key)*grad
def IG(field, alpha, q):
......@@ -151,8 +151,8 @@ class Model_Tests(unittest.TestCase):
{'points': S.draw_sample()})
alpha = 1.5
q = 0.73
model = ift.PointSources(pos, alpha, q)
# FIXME All those cdfs and ppfs are not that accurate
model = ift.InverseGammaModel(pos, alpha, q)
# FIXME All those cdfs and ppfs are not very accurate
ift.extra.check_value_gradient_consistency(model, tol=1e-5)
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