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now testing zero-centered spaces

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......@@ -31,8 +31,18 @@ from itertools import product, chain
#needed to check wether fftw is available
from d2o.config import dependency_injector as gdi
HARMONIC_SPACES = [RGSpace((8,), harmonic=True), RGSpace((7,8), harmonic=True), RGSpace((5,5), harmonic=True), RGSpace((4,5,7), harmonic=True),
HARMONIC_SPACES = [RGSpace((8,), harmonic=True),
RGSpace((7,), harmonic=True,zerocenter=True),
RGSpace((8,), harmonic=True,zerocenter=True),
RGSpace((7,8), harmonic=True),
RGSpace((7,8), harmonic=True, zerocenter=True),
RGSpace((6,6), harmonic=True, zerocenter=True),
RGSpace((7,5), harmonic=True, zerocenter=True),
RGSpace((5,5), harmonic=True),
RGSpace((4,5,7), harmonic=True),
RGSpace((4,5,7), harmonic=True, zerocenter=True),
#Try all sensible kinds of combinations of spaces, distributuion strategy and
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