Commit a6f1e3f2 authored by Rouven Lemmerz's avatar Rouven Lemmerz
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Streamlining domain arg to be first

parent 4d8c1460
......@@ -283,7 +283,7 @@ class Field(Operator):
raise TypeError("The multiplier must be an instance of " +
"the Field class")
from .operators.outer_product_operator import OuterProduct
return OuterProduct(self, x.domain)(x)
return OuterProduct(x.domain, self)(x)
def vdot(self, x, spaces=None):
"""Computes the dot product of 'self' with x.
......@@ -27,12 +27,12 @@ class OuterProduct(LinearOperator):
field: Field,
domain: DomainTuple, the domain of the input field
field: Field
def __init__(self, field, domain):
self._domain = domain
def __init__(self, domain, field):
self._domain = DomainTuple.make(domain)
self._field = field
self._target = DomainTuple.make(
tuple(sub_d for sub_d in field.domain._dom + domain._dom))
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