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test commit; not final

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from .multi_domain import MultiDomain
from .multi_field import MultiField
from .multi_linear_operator import MultiLinearOperator
from .multi_endomorphic_operator import MultiEndomorphicOperator
from .multi_chain_operator import MultiChainOperator
from .multi_sum_operator import MultiSumOperator
from .multi_scaling_operator import MultiScalingOperator
#from .multi_linear_operator import MultiLinearOperator
#from .multi_endomorphic_operator import MultiEndomorphicOperator
#from .multi_chain_operator import MultiChainOperator
#from .multi_sum_operator import MultiSumOperator
#from .multi_scaling_operator import MultiScalingOperator
__all__ = ["MultiDomain", "MultiField", "MultiLinearOperator",
"MultiEndomorphicOperator", "MultiChainOperator",
"MultiSumOperator", "MultiScalingOperator"]
__all__ = ["MultiDomain", "MultiField"]
#, "MultiLinearOperator",
# "MultiEndomorphicOperator", "MultiChainOperator",
# "MultiSumOperator", "MultiScalingOperator"]
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