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......@@ -266,24 +266,29 @@ from .multi_field import MultiField
from numpy import allclose
def optimise_operator(op):
Merges redundant operations in the tree structure of an operator.
For example it is ensured that for ``(f@x + x)`` ``x`` is only computed once.
Currently works only on ``_OpChain``, ``_OpSum`` and ``_OpProd`` and does not optimise their linear pendants
For example it is ensured that for ``f@x + x`` the operator ``x`` is only computed once.
It is supposed to be used on the whole operator chain before doing minimisation.
Currently optimises only ``_OpChain``, ``_OpSum`` and ``_OpProd`` and not their linear pendants
``ChainOp`` and ``SumOperator``.
op: Operator
op : Operator
Operator with a tree structure.
op_optimised : Operator
Operator with same input/output, but optimised tree structure.
Since operators are compared by id best results are achieved when the following code
Operators are compared only by id, so best results are achieved when the following code
>>> from nifty6 import UniformOperator, DomainTuple
>>> uni1 = UniformOperator(DomainTuple.scalar_domain()
......@@ -291,16 +296,18 @@ def optimise_operator(op):
>>> op = (uni1 + uni2)*(uni1 + uni2)
is replaced by something comparable to
>>> uni = UniformOperator(DomainTuple.scalar_domain())
>>> uni_add = uni + uni
>>> op = uni_add * uni_add
After optimisation the operator is comparable in speed to
After optimisation the operator is as fast as
>>> op = (2*uni)**2
op_optimised = deepcopy(op)
op_optimised = _optimise_operator(op_optimised)
test_field = from_random('normal', op.domain)
test_field = from_random(op.domain)
if isinstance(op(test_field), MultiField):
for key in op(test_field).keys():
assert allclose(op(test_field).val[key], op_optimised(test_field).val[key], 1e-10)
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