Commit 969a4295 authored by Philipp Arras's avatar Philipp Arras
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Do not print internal output of NewtonCG always

parent 5d33abf8
......@@ -160,7 +160,7 @@ class NewtonCG(DescentMinimizer):
Algorithm derived from SciPy sources.
def __init__(self, controller, napprox=0, line_searcher=None):
def __init__(self, controller, napprox=0, line_searcher=None, name=None):
if line_searcher is None:
line_searcher = LineSearch(preferred_initial_step_size=1.)
super(NewtonCG, self).__init__(controller=controller,
......@@ -169,13 +169,12 @@ class NewtonCG(DescentMinimizer):
def get_descent_direction(self, energy, f_k_minus_1):
if f_k_minus_1 is None:
ic = GradientNormController(iteration_limit=1)
ic = GradientNormController(iteration_limit=5)
alpha = 0.1
ediff = alpha*(f_k_minus_1 - energy.value)
ic = AbsDeltaEnergyController(ediff, iteration_limit=200,
name=' Internal',
ic = AbsDeltaEnergyController(
ediff, iteration_limit=200, name=self._name)
e = QuadraticEnergy(0*energy.position, energy.metric, energy.gradient)
p = None
if self._napprox > 1:
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