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......@@ -24,6 +24,30 @@ from ..domain_tuple import DomainTuple
def FFTSmoothingOperator(domain, sigma, space=None):
""" This function returns an operator that carries out a smoothing with
a Gaussian kernel of width `sigma` on the part of `domain` given by
domain : Domain, tuple of Domains, or DomainTuple
The total domain of the operator's input and output fields
sigma : float>=0
The sigma of the Gaussian used for smoothing. It has the same units as
the RGSpace the operator is working on.
If `sigma==0`, an identity operator will be returned.
space: integer, *optional*
The index of the sub-domain on which the smoothing is performed.
Can be omitted if `domain` only has one sub-domain.
The sub-domain on which the smoothing is carried out *must* be a
non-harmonic `RGSpace`.
sigma = float(sigma)
if sigma < 0.:
raise ValueError("sigma must be nonnegative")
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