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add ducktape docs

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......@@ -109,6 +109,34 @@ class FieldAdapter(LinearOperator):
def ducktape(left, right, name):
"""Convenience function for computing an adapter between two operators.
left : None, Operator, or Domainoid
Something describing the input domain of the left operator.
If `left` is an `Operator`, its domain is used as `left`.
right : None, Operator, or Domainoid
Something describing the target domain of the right operator.
If `right` is an `Operator`, its target is used as `right`.
name : string
The component of the `MultiDomain` that will be extracted/inserted
- one of the involved domains must be a `DomainTuple`, the other a
- `left` and `right` must not be both `None`, but one of them can (and
probably should) be `None`. In this case, the missing information is
FieldAdapter : an adapter operator converting between the two (possibly
partially inferred) domains.
from ..sugar import makeDomain
from .operator import Operator
if left is None: # need to infer left from right
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