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avoid 'assert' statements

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......@@ -147,10 +147,14 @@ class LOSResponse(LinearOperator):
sigmas_up = np.zeros(nlos, dtype=np.float32)
sigmas_low = np.array(sigmas_low)
sigmas_up = np.array(sigmas_up)
assert starts.shape[0] == ndim, "dimension mismatch"
assert nlos == sigmas_low.shape[0], "dimension mismatch"
assert starts.shape == ends.shape, "dimension mismatch"
assert sigmas_low.shape == sigmas_up.shape, "dimension mismatch"
if starts.shape[0] != ndim:
raise TypeError("dimension mismatch")
if nlos != sigmas_low.shape[0]:
raise TypeError("dimension mismatch")
if starts.shape != ends.shape:
raise TypeError("dimension mismatch")
if sigmas_low.shape != sigmas_up.shape:
raise TypeError("dimension mismatch")
self._local_shape = dobj.local_shape(self.domain[0].shape)
local_zero_point = (np.array(
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