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try to use pip to full extent

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apt-get install -y build-essential git autoconf libtool \
apt-get install -y build-essential git autoconf libtool pkg-config \
libfftw3-bin libfftw3-dev libfftw3-double3 libfftw3-long3 libfftw3-quad3 libfftw3-single3 \
python python-pip python-dev python-nose \
python3 python3-pip python3-dev python3-nose
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ setup(name="nifty2go",
setup_requires=['future', 'pyHealpix>=0.0.1', 'numpy>=1.13', 'pyfftw>=0.10.4', 'matplotlib'],
setup_requires=['future', 'pyHealpix>=0.0.1', 'numpy>=1.13', 'pyfftw>=0.10.4'],
"Development Status :: 4 - Beta",
"Topic :: Utilities",
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