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Update according to Martins hints and insights

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......@@ -80,27 +80,22 @@ class ResponseOperator(LinearOperator):
shape_target = np.append(shape_target, self._domain[ii].shape)
self._target = self._parse_domain(FieldArray(shape_target))
self._sigma = sigma
self._exposure = exposure
self._kernel = len(self._domain)*[None]
for ii in xrange(len(self._kernel)):
self._kernel[ii] = SmoothingOperator(self._domain[ii],
self._composed_kernel = ComposedOperator(self._kernel)
self._exposure_op = len(self._domain)*[None]
if len(self._exposure_op) != len(self._kernel):
raise ValueError("Definition of kernel and exposure do not suit "
"each other")
for ii in xrange(len(self._exposure_op)):
self._exposure_op[ii] = DiagonalOperator(
self._composed_exposure = ComposedOperator(self._exposure_op)
kernel_smoothing = len(self._domain)*[None]
kernel_exposure = len(self._domain)*[None]
if len(sigma)!= len(exposure):
raise ValueError("Length of smoothing kernel and length of"
"exposure do not match")
for ii in xrange(len(kernel_smoothing)):
kernel_smoothing[ii] = SmoothingOperator(self._domain[ii],
kernel_exposure[ii] = DiagonalOperator(self._domain[ii],
self._composed_kernel = ComposedOperator(kernel_smoothing)
self._composed_exposure = ComposedOperator(kernel_exposure)
def domain(self):
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