Commit 71e38722 authored by Lukas Platz's avatar Lukas Platz

concise CorrelatedField offset parametrization

parent ff7dfaa8
......@@ -352,18 +352,19 @@ class _Amplitude(Operator):
class CorrelatedFieldMaker:
def __init__(self, amplitude_offset, prefix, total_N):
if not isinstance(amplitude_offset, Operator):
raise TypeError("amplitude_offset needs to be an operator")
def __init__(self, offset_mean, offset_fluctuations_op, prefix, total_N):
if not isinstance(offset_fluctuations_op, Operator):
raise TypeError("offset_fluctuations_op needs to be an operator")
self._a = []
self._position_spaces = []
self._azm = amplitude_offset
self._offset_mean = offset_mean
self._azm = offset_fluctuations_op
self._prefix = prefix
self._total_N = total_N
def make(offset_amplitude_mean, offset_amplitude_stddev, prefix,
def make(offset_mean, offset_variation_mean, offset_variation_stddev, prefix,
if dofdex is None:
......@@ -371,13 +372,13 @@ class CorrelatedFieldMaker:
elif len(dofdex) != total_N:
raise ValueError("length of dofdex needs to match total_N")
N = max(dofdex) + 1 if total_N > 0 else 0
zm = _LognormalMomentMatching(offset_amplitude_mean,
zm = _LognormalMomentMatching(offset_variation_mean,
prefix + 'zeromode',
if total_N > 0:
zm = _Distributor(dofdex,, UnstructuredDomain(total_N)) @ zm
return CorrelatedFieldMaker(zm, prefix, total_N)
return CorrelatedFieldMaker(offset_mean, zm, prefix, total_N)
def add_fluctuations(self,
......@@ -470,12 +471,13 @@ class CorrelatedFieldMaker:
corr = reduce(mul, a)
return ht(azm*corr*ducktape(hspace, None, self._prefix + 'xi'))
def finalize(self, offset=None, prior_info=100):
def finalize(self, prior_info=100):
offset vs zeromode: volume factor
op = self._finalize_from_op()
if offset is not None:
if self._offset_mean is not None:
offset = self._offset_mean
# Deviations from this offset must not be considered here as they
# are learned by the zeromode
if isinstance(offset, (Field, MultiField)):
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