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......@@ -77,10 +77,13 @@ class FFTOperatorTests(unittest.TestCase):
b = RGSpace(dim1, zerocenter=zc2, distances=1./(dim1*d), harmonic=True)
fft = FFTOperator(domain=a, target=b, domain_dtype=itp,
target_dtype=_harmonic_type(itp), module=module)
inp = Field.from_random(domain=a, random_type='normal', std=7, mean=3,
out = fft.adjoint_times(fft.times(inp))
assert_allclose(inp.val, out.val, rtol=tol, atol=tol)
rtol=tol, atol=tol)
@expand(product(["numpy", "fftw", "fftw_mpi"],
[10, 11], [9, 12], [False, True],
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