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Merge branch 'AbsDeltaEnergyController2' into 'NIFTy_5'

Uses AbsDeltaEnergyController in Demo3

See merge request !351
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......@@ -103,9 +103,10 @@ if __name__ == '__main__':
data = signal_response(mock_position) + N.draw_sample()
# Minimization parameters
ic_sampling = ift.GradientNormController(iteration_limit=100)
ic_newton = ift.GradInfNormController(
name='Newton', tol=1e-7, iteration_limit=35)
ic_sampling = ift.AbsDeltaEnergyController(
name='Sampling', deltaE=0.05, iteration_limit=100)
ic_newton = ift.AbsDeltaEnergyController(
name='Newton', deltaE=0.5, iteration_limit=35)
minimizer = ift.NewtonCG(ic_newton)
# Set up likelihood and information Hamiltonian
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