Commit 1fc0eeed authored by Martin Reinecke's avatar Martin Reinecke
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Merge branch 'nifty2go_fix_CF' into 'nifty2go'

fix critical filter

See merge request ift/NIFTy!205
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......@@ -104,16 +104,12 @@ if __name__ == "__main__":
flat_power = ift.Field.full(p_space, 1e-8)
m0 = ift.power_synthesize(flat_power, real_signal=True)
def ps0(k):
return (1./(1.+k)**2)
t0 = ift.Field(p_space,
for i in range(500):
# FIXME: Do not use ps0 for the inference! This is cheating!
# My critical filter version breaks, if I put power_spectrum=t0.
S0 = ift.create_power_operator(h_space, power_spectrum=ps0)
S0 = ift.create_power_operator(h_space, power_spectrum=ift.exp(t0))
# Initialize non-linear Wiener Filter energy
ICI = ift.GradientNormController(verbose=False, name="ICI",
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