Commit 17449c6d authored by Reimar Leike's avatar Reimar Leike
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Delete tests for too large factors

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......@@ -96,7 +96,8 @@ def energy_tester(pos, get_noisy_data, energy_initializer):
lin = ift.Linearization.make_var(pos, want_metric=True)
res2 = _to_array(energy(lin).metric(test_vec).val)
np.testing.assert_allclose(res/std, res2/std, atol=5)
for factor in [0.01, 0.5, 2, 100]:
# Test whether one would detect a factor of 2 in the Fisher metric
for factor in [0.5, 2]:
with pytest.raises(AssertionError):
np.testing.assert_allclose(res/std, factor*res2/std, atol=5)
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