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Add smooth amplitude model

parent 0afa8101
......@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ from .minimization.kl_energy import KL_Energy
from .sugar import *
from .plot import Plot
from .library.amplitude_model import AmplitudeModel
from .library.amplitude_model import AmplitudeModel, SmoothAmplitudeModel
from .library.inverse_gamma_model import InverseGammaModel
from .library.los_response import LOSResponse
......@@ -150,3 +150,54 @@ class AmplitudeModel(Operator):
def norm_phi_mean(self):
return self._norm_phi_mean
class SmoothAmplitudeModel(Operator):
Computes a smooth power spectrum.
Output lives in PowerSpace.
Npixdof : #pix in dof_space
ceps_a, ceps_k0 : Smoothness parameters in ceps_kernel
eg. ceps_kernel(k) = (a/(1+(k/k0)**2))**2
a = ceps_a, k0 = ceps_k0
def __init__(self, s_space, Npixdof, ceps_a, ceps_k, name='tau'):
from ..operators.exp_transform import ExpTransform
from ..operators.qht_operator import QHTOperator
h_space = s_space.get_default_codomain()
self._exp_transform = ExpTransform(PowerSpace(h_space), Npixdof)
logk_space = self._exp_transform.domain[0]
qht = QHTOperator(target=logk_space)
dof_space = qht.domain[0]
self._domain = MultiDomain.make({name: dof_space})
self._target =
kern = lambda k: _ceps_kernel(dof_space, k, ceps_a, ceps_k)
cepstrum = create_cepstrum_amplitude_field(dof_space, kern)
self._smooth_op = qht(makeOp(sqrt(cepstrum)))
self._key = name
self._qht = qht
self._ceps = makeOp(sqrt(cepstrum))
def apply(self, x):
smooth_spec = self._smooth_op(x[self._key])
loglog_spec = smooth_spec
return self._exp_transform((0.5*loglog_spec).exp())
def qht(self):
return self._qht
def ceps(self):
return self._ceps
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