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    Fixed a lot of small bugs. Removed the plotting routines from most of the spaces. · cb8589c7
    theos authored
    Fixed furthermore:
    - Let's undo the changes in the RGSpace.__init__ (see the comment on gitlab)
    - The HPSpaceParadict still has `distances` in the list.
    - HPSpace.copy: Is this method really necessary? The one from Space should be sufficient, right?
    - HPSpace.total_volume is missing
    - Unnecessary imports of `random`, `LMSpace`,... in
    - I removed the plotting functionality from the space classes.
    - GLSpace.copy should also not be necessary
    - GLSpace.dim is missing
    - GLSpace.vol should be called `total_volume`. Also its implementation is defect: there is no self.distances for GLSpace. The total volume is just 4*pi.
    - Use nifty_utilities.cast_axis_to_tuple in order to sanitize `axes` input in GLSpace.weight
    - typo in `new_shape = np.ones(x.shape)`