Commit 0b155db3 authored by Holger Niemann's avatar Holger Niemann
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Merge branch 'Holgers' into 'master'

Bugfixes in download_peaking_factor and cosmetic for peakflux

See merge request !57
parents 269901dc b64b5d49
......@@ -5710,7 +5710,7 @@ def __download_module_based_data__(kind, TMchadict, port, targetmodule=None,
error: list
a list of values, the error of each timepoint, values are in W
if kind in ["load","qpeak"]:
if kind == "load":
datcha_name = 'divertor_total_load'
......@@ -5986,7 +5986,7 @@ def download_peaking_factor(typ="total", program=None, tstart=None,
reference divertors: list, optional
if return_used_divertors if True, it will return a list with the port numbers of the cameras
return __download_derived_data__(kind="qpeak",typ=typ,program=program,tstart=tstart,
return __download_derived_data__(kind="PF",typ=typ,program=program,tstart=tstart,
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