Commit eea71fbf authored by Moritz Huetten's avatar Moritz Huetten
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added union bad pixel mask function

parent e908c334
......@@ -253,6 +253,22 @@ class MAGICBadPixelsCalc():
return deadpixel_mask
def get_badpixel_mask(self, event):
Fetch the union of bad RMS and bad pixels for a given event, that is the event time.
badpixel_mask: has two dimensions: Masks for M1 and/or M2.
badpixel_mask = [[None],[None]]
badrmspixel_mask = self.get_badrmspixel_mask(event)
deadpixel_mask = self.get_deadpixel_mask(event)
for tel_id in event.mon.tels_with_data:
badpixel_mask[tel_id - 1] = np.logical_or(badrmspixel_mask[tel_id - 1], deadpixel_mask[tel_id - 1])
return badpixel_mask
# def get_charge_std(self, event):
# """
# Fetch the pedestal RMS pixel values for a given event, that is the event time.
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