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sycl C/C++ tests and impleentation of cholesky and invert_trm

Petr Karpov requested to merge sycl_on_cpu_tests into gpu_nccl

Key changes:

  • implemented SYCL versions of cholesky and invert_trm

  • adapted C/C++ tests for SYCL on GPU (in particular, created gpuFree function specific to SYCL C-tests). @amarek please check stwiched off gpu_api_explicit tests, e.g. line 284 of test.C

  • added workaround paths for non-implemented sycl functions (e.g sycl_host_register) in hermitian_multiply

  • also made a cleanup of duplicated checks for GPU in /src/GPU/vendor_agnostic_layer_template.F90 -- @amarek please check it e.g. in lines 272-285

  • check_for_GPU: getdevicecount -> moved to vendor_agnostic_layer_template

  • added checks for NaNs and Infinities in test correctness routines

  • changed all "stop" fortran instructions to "stop 1"

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