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    HETEROGENOUS_CLUSTER support · dd47b584
    Andreas Marek authored
    On heterogenous cluster, of nodes with different CPUs the _experimental_
    feature (--enable-heterogenous-cluster-support) can be used:
    It compares the (Intel) cpuid set of all CPUs which are used by ELPA MPI
    processes and finds the SIMD instruction set, which is supported by all
    used CPUs. The ELPA 2stage back-transformation kernel (a.k.a "kernel")
    will be set accordingly on all MPI processes.
    This feature, can override the setting of the kernel done previously by
    the user!
    At the moment it will only work for Intel CPUs, i.e. clusters consisting
    of nodes with Intel CPUs and e.g. AMD CPUs are at the moment _NOT_
    Since this is an experimental feature, it might be dropped again in the
    future, if it turns out not to be useful for the users