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    Add interface to unify C and Fortran names · bb046d1c
    Andreas Marek authored
    This commit does not change the interfaces defined in ELPA_2015.11.001 !
    All functionality is available via the interface names and definitions
    as in ELPA_2015.11.001
    But some new interfaces have been added, in order to unfiy the
    references from C and Fortran codes:
    - The procedures to create the ELPA (row/column) communicators are now
      available from C _and_ Fortran with the name "get_elpa_communicators".
      The old Fortran name "get_elpa_row_col_comms" and the old C name
      "elpa_get_communicators" are from now on deprecated but still available
    - The 1-stage solver routines are available from C _and_ Fortran via
      the names "solve_evp_real_1stage" and "solve_evp_complex_1stage".
      The old Fortran names "solve_evp_real" and "solve_evp_complex" are
      from now on deprecated but still functional.
    All documentation (man pages, doxygen, and example test programs) have
    been changed accordingly.
    This commit implies a change in the API versioning number, but no
    changes to codes calling ELPA (if they have been already updated to the
    API of ELPA_2015.11.001)