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    Allow ELPA to be build with single and double precision symbols in one · 647aa5a8
    Andreas Marek authored
    It the configure option "--enable-single-precision" is specified,
    ELPA will also be build for single precision usage. The double precision
    and single precision will be available at the same time with names
    "solve_evp_real_1stage_double" or "solve_evp_real_1stage_single" and
    so on...
    This change immplied some major refactoring of the ELPA code:
    1.) functions/procedures had to be renamed with suffix "_double"
    2.) If necessary the same functions have to be available with suffix
    3.) Variable kind definitions have to be consistent with the
    intented use
    To avoid uneccessary code duplication this is done (most of the time)
    with preprocessor string substitution.
    The documentation has been updated.
    NOT SUPPORTED are at the moment:
    - single precision usage of ELPA2 with kernels, others than "generic"
      and "generic_simple"
    - single precision usage of GPU