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    Split file elpa2.F90 into elpa2.F90 and elpa2_compute.F90 · 2998fac3
    Andreas Marek authored
    As in a previous commit for elpa1.F90, for automatic generation of
    documentation elpa2.F90 has been splitted in two files, in order to
    have a lean, easy-to-understand user interface:
    the visible user functions, which provide the library calls.
    The usage is the same as before
    all internal routines, which are used by ELPA2, but which are never
    called external of the library by a user. These functions are now
    "hidden" in the module elpa2_compute, which is used by ELPA2.
    The procedures in elpa2_compute.F90 are identical to the ones in
    elpa2.F90 before this split commit. The only -- but quite a lot of them
    -- changes are intendation changes.