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also allow legacy

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......@@ -40,12 +40,14 @@ class TensorGrid(TensorFields):
obj = super(TensorGrid, cls).__new__(cls, tensors, *fields, **kwargs)
if len(base_vectors) == 3:
base_vectors = tuple(tuple(bv) for bv in base_vectors)
base_vectors = grid.ensure_complex(*base_vectors)
if (
isinstance(base_vectors, tuple)
isinstance(base_vectors, (tuple, list))
and base_vectors
and len(base_vectors[0]) == 3
base_vectors = grid.ensure_complex(*base_vectors)
if num is None:
num = np.array([int(bv[2].imag) for bv in base_vectors], dtype=int)
base_vectors = np.transpose([[bv[0], bv[1]] for bv in base_vectors])
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