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Update to V3.4.1:\n downloadversionIRdata: improved documentation, adding of...

Update to V3.4.1:\n downloadversionIRdata: improved documentation, adding of request for all ports, change of request paths, files; improved warning handling with repect to issue #14\n changelog: updated to V3.4.1\n updated requierements to w7xarchive instead of archivedb\n plot_heatflux_example: added calling of the heatflux download to agree with the code.\n IR_iamge_tools: documentation update
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<<<<<<< HEAD
XX.06.2020: Update to V3.5.0
- add download maximum heat flux and wetted area
16.06.2020: Update to V3.4.1
- updated and improved documentation
- include chache function and a request for all ports for heat flux and divertor load
08.02.2020: Update to V3.4.0
- Bugfix: download_images_by_times produzierte doppelte Werte im Zeit und Bildvektor
- Bugfix: download divertor load gave print back that request was made, although no request was made (fixed)
- Bugfix: correction of version bug from last commit and change of default value for the profile extraction functions to None
- Readme added
Update to V3.3.3:
- added function for peaking factor and strike line width calculation in tools
- bugfix: bug fix get_trigger_from_PID which caused an error in get_latest_version if it was used for non IR data
Update to V3.3.2:
- extended feedback for download_heatflux
- changes of wetted area calculation
- changes of wetted area calculation
- bugfix: get_trigger_PID, get_finger and during import (see issues 6,7)
Update to V3.3.1:
- bugfix: FOV for AEF50 was not working correctly
Update to V3.3.0:
- IR_config_constants: added path to Test archive and use this variable in downloadversionIRdata when building an archive path
- downloadversionIRdata: consistent use of testmode parameter
- downloadversionIRdata: added testmode to all reading routines allowing reading from Test archive
- IR_image_tools: no longer sets working directory to script file location
- IR_config_constants: sets parameter_file_path as absolute path
- downloadversionIRdata: new function get_trigger_from_PID() wraps get_program_from_PID() and allows getting timestamps for lab data
- downloadversionIRdata: download_images_by_time_via_png() now uses nanosecond timestamps to call AKF_2.get_time_intervals()
- downloadversionIRdata: disable DeprecationWarning in import of archivedb (timezone issue on Windows)
- downloadversionIRdata: get_NUC_by_times() uses the reference cold frame in case no cold frame (NUC frame) was found for this time
- downloadversionIRdata: unified use of stoptime instead of endtime
- downloadversionIRdata: expanded testing sections (profile, coldframe, timestamps and scene model)
Update to V3.2.5:
- remove of old, not needed function and dependencies, update of download_background function
Update to V3.2.4:
- smaller bugfixes and got added
Update to V3.2.3:
- bugfix: finding right version for meta informations
Update to V3.2.2:
......@@ -84,7 +105,8 @@ bugfixes in downloadversionIRdata:
- fixed: wrong time intervall for TC divertor data
V3.4.0: chaching functionality included, request for all cameras included + Bugfixes
V3.5.0: download of wetted area, peak loads for different targets and
V3.4.1: chaching functionality included, request for all cameras included + Bugfixes
V3.3.0: code-cleaning, unification of variable names, new functions: get_trigger_from_PID,
V3.2.0: download of scene models possible, temperature profiles can be extracted, downsampled temperature images available
V3.1.0: add of divertor loads in the upload and the download
......@@ -25,14 +25,16 @@ def get_OP_by_time(time_ns=None, shot_no=None, program_str=None):
'''Derives operation phase (OP) of W7-X based on either:
a nanosacond time stamp, a MDSplus style shot no. or a program ID.
time_ns - integer of nanosecond time stamp,
time_ns: - integer of nanosecond time stamp,
e.g. 1511972727249834301 (OPTIONAL)
shot_no - integer of MDSplus style shot number,
e.g. 171207022 (OPTIONAL)
program_str - string of CoDaQ ArchiveDB style prgram number or date,
e.g. '20171207.022' or '20171207' (OPTIONAL)
conn - MDSplus connection object, to be used in e.g. 1511972727249834301
read_MDSplus_image_simple(), read_MDSplus_metadata()
......@@ -639,7 +641,13 @@ def reconstruct_coldframe (exposuretime, sT, a, bnew, coldref):
exposuretime: integer
the exposure time
coldref: numpy array
the reference cold frame as the base for the reconstruction
......@@ -689,17 +697,27 @@ def get_work_list(pipepath,typ="q"):
pipepath: string
the path to the folder where the files are located
typ: string
the typ of data which is requested in the working list\n
possiblities: q, Aw, qpeak, width, load\n
or anything else for the problematic programs
cam_programs: list
a list containing two coloumns, cameras and programs
reasons: list, optional, only for problematic programs
a list showing the reasons, why data are not processed
if typ in ('q','load'):
if typ in ('q_old','load_old'):
elif typ in ('q','load','qpeak','Aw','width'):
f = open(pipepath+"problematic_programs.txt")
......@@ -6,3 +6,6 @@ download:
- implement download of the stored temperature data (After the upload)
- implement download of the stored heat flux data --> done in V3.0.0
- implement download of FLIR data --> Done in V2.8.0, in testing phase
- implement caching
- implement download of wetted area, peak heat flux and average strike line width
- implement request of all ports
This diff is collapsed.
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Created on Thu Nov 29 17:41:40 2018
@author: holn
import numpy as np
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ if __name__=='__main__':
#%% loading data
#%% plotting data
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ setup(
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ setup(
install_requires = [
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