Commit 8d762046 authored by Andrew Strong's avatar Andrew Strong
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manual_galplot_compile remove note about config.h, not needed

parent 59c68684
echo for /usr/bin/gcc
module unload gcc
echo ../config.h is needed but generated by ./configure
g++ -I. -I.. -I/afs/ -I/afs/ -I/afs/ -I/afs/ -I/afs/ -I/afs/ -I/afs/ipp/u/aws/propagate/c/sla_c_g++/include -DHAVE_ALM_HEALPIX_TOOLS_H -DGALDEF_PATH=\"/afs/ipp/u/aws/propagate/c/GALDEF\" -DFITSDATA_PATH=\"/afs/ipp/u/aws/propagate/c/FITS\" -DDATA_PATH=\"/afs/ipp/u/aws/propagate/c/gitlab/galprop/version_54/source/fortran_data\" -O3 -fopenmp -c *.cc
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