Commit 7c9a9900 authored by Andrew Strong's avatar Andrew Strong
Browse files if(1) generate Fermi catalogue to file, for possible... if(1) generate Fermi catalogue to file, for possible control later. start and end to cout
parent fc449d32
......@@ -370,8 +370,9 @@ int Galplot::gen_source_population()
cout<<"before sourcepop5.gen_sample_Fermi_catalogue"<<endl;
cout<<"after sourcepop5.gen_sample_Fermi_catalogue"<<endl;
cout<<"after sourcepop5.gen_sample_Fermi_catalogue"<<endl;
......@@ -390,9 +391,10 @@ int Galplot::gen_source_population()
cout<<"starting gen_Fermi_catalogue_from_sample"<<endl;
if(1) //AWS20200721
sourcepop5.gen_Fermi_catalogue_from_sample(configure.fits_directory,Fermi_catalogue_from_popsyn_sample_file, options); //AWS20110829
cout<<"finished gen_Fermi_catalogue_from_sample"<<endl;
// copy healpix skymaps to standard place for use in Fermi profiles.
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