Commit 6f8084ff authored by Andrew Strong's avatar Andrew Strong
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add genidlplots using plot file name

parent 9059e08b
module load idl
rm -f
echo e.g. setenv GALPLOT_RESULTS_TXT results_54_melissa2_l_0.50_179.50_180.50_359.50_b_-80.50_-0.50_0.50_80.50_unconv_2019_10yr_P8_3FGL_8yrsensmap_3FGLmodel.txt
echo e.g. setenv GALPLOT_RESULTS_TXT results_54_dev_l_0.50_179.50_180.50_359.50_b_-80.50_-0.50_0.50_80.50_unconv_4FGL_cat_3FGL_model.txt
echo ....
echo getting idl from $GALPLOT_RESULTS_TXT
grep -h idl $GALPLOT_RESULTS_TXT >
echo exit >>
echo old: gv &
rm -f viewtheplot
grep -h "gv sourcepop" $GALPLOT_RESULTS_TXT
grep -h "gv sourcepop" $GALPLOT_RESULTS_TXT > viewtheplot
source viewtheplot
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