Commit 6b100c34 authored by Andrew Strong's avatar Andrew Strong
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SourceModel2: remove if statement for fitType=FIXED for flux100 since not in 4FGL

parent bbf886a7
......@@ -42,10 +42,10 @@ SourceModel2::SourceModel2(const Exposure &exposure, const CountsMap &counts, co
//Loop through all the sources and find out their type
//Add their indices to the correct vectors
for (int i = 0; i < fsources.size(); ++i){
for (int i = 0; i < fsources.size(); ++i){ std::cout<<"SourceModel2: i, fsources[i].fitType, flux100, fluxLim flux1000:"<<i<<" "<<fsources[i].fitType<<" "<<fsources[i].flux100<<" "<<fluxLim<<" "<<fsources[i].flux1000<<std::endl; //AWS20200118
case Sources::FIXED:
if (fsources[i].flux100 > fluxLim && (maxFixedSources > fFixedSources.size() || maxFixedSources == -1))
//if (fsources[i].flux100 > fluxLim && (maxFixedSources > fFixedSources.size() || maxFixedSources == -1)) //AWS20200118
case Sources::PREFACTOR:
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